Monday, 22 June 2015

Scientific Terminology Lesson

Today Mrs Raj did a few scientific experiments. From these I learned about evaporation,condensation and the 3 states of matter.

Today was fun and I found it really interesting because it was about water and other materials and chemicals.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My favorite things

This is my things that i like in this presentation.

Netherlands immigrant presentation

This my presentation about nether land immigrant. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Actions speak louder.

The way we speak is not as different as how you say
it and if we use the poles then you be a respectful person
and the poles means property, others, learning, environment and self and you can focus and when
you speak we should use proper language and no
bad language, or you can use good body language
and use 20 centimetre voices it is really good to
say stuff like we mean it because if you don’t the person that
you will give them it they won’t trust you again.

So that way we use our action good and how we speak is

plight and helpful.

My foot

We learned to measure in m,cm and mm.
I used non standards measuring on my foot length and it is 22 cm.My height is 137 m, My height is 6 ¼ times my foot length.

My awesome art work


This piece of digital art was proudly created by me and sumo

I used the shapes and colour palette to make my art work.

I used contrasting colours and
made my picture beautiful.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Motat trip story.

              MOTAT TRIP WITH ROOM 7
On wednesday the 13 of may 2015 Room 7 went on a Motat trip
on a bus it was fun because first we went on different groups some student were in Honeys aunties group and some went to Mrs card, Mrs Maruariki and Mrs Parker's group.

When we got separated into 3 groups we went into the bus so we can go to Motat. When we arrived we stopped next to the gate and the instructor came and she introduced herself to
us and her name was katherine and she walked us to the
rotunda next to the cafe.

Second we had morning tea then all the teachers got a map
and told us to go wherever they tell us to go and Mrs
parker told us to go to the k900 steam train it was
interesting there because the train was old and it was useable in the 1902. After the the steam train we went
to the pump house to see the old pumps that was working
when there was no water and the pumps that was working was
working until the 19’s.It was a good because it we would
not have stayed alive without the water.

Third we went to the old village’s next to the old town. There was a lot of food, clothing and furniture it was
strange because there were dolls and fake trains and that.
It was fun because there was interesting aguitment and
tools in the workhouse. And after we went to the 700
south it was cool because there was a famous guy and he
was on the 5 dollar note it was cool and he’s name
is sir edmund hillary he was first person to climb mount
everest and the first to reach to the north pole.

When we were finished in the 700 south we went to the other rooms.In the other room had cake and a bread truck and
chainsaws and other equipment. And in the next room it had
the old fire places and the fire trucks and how it worked it was so cool because they where old and worked in the olden days but now we have different fire trucks and our trucks are bigger than their old fire

When we went to our last room we went through the mirror maze it was very
challenging because we saw ourselves instead the ground.There were some dead ends and some tricky places to go through that why it was challenging
because it was very hard to go through.Then we went to a movie room me, Vainikolo and Whitney saw this old lady trip up on the steps.Then we watched this movie on the big screen. We only went there for 3 minutes
then we went to our last place it was full of connective stuff that was used in the war There was even a pigeon bird that was use also It was there to send letters to the people at the bass or at there own place.The war was really bad and it was not for a under age child. It was very bad because there was very bad gas and numbed feet and it was cold and freezing
they hardly have any food and so we went and learned about morse codes and other things we were using the typewriter and the morse code messages and
all the metals and we wrote a message to the bass and put it on the pigeon.

When were finished we went to the bus and said “ farewell ” on the way to school i went to sleep because i was tired and i got up when we were at school.Also i had really great fun there.

The awesome balloon game

In the morning students from Room 7 went to the netball court to play a balloon game. It was an exciting day because  it was the first time room 7  had played a balloon game before.

First we held hands in a big circle. It was fun because we had to help the balloon stay up in the air and we could not let go of our partners hand, but we could use any body part like our head or our foot.

Secondly, when all the boys  finished we went and had a run around we did 4 laps of running  and 2 jogging laps it was fun because it helped us be very fit and it made us very tired. When we finished our jogging then, we watched the girls play and  after their last go we formed one  straight line to go back to class.

At last Room 7 went back to class and started writing a recount about our experience playing the balloon game .
Image result for balloon

Friday, 12 June 2015


long weekend

In the weekend it was just me and my cousin and my nan and Riza .
Firstly Riza and i went to the internet cafe i was cool because
there are a lot of computers that people could play on, but it
was not always for free you had to pay money to go on the computers,so me and Riza paid 5$ for 3 hours.

After that we went to our friends house his name is Stephen and we were playing soccer at his house i got some goal and he did too. Stephen scored another goal
and then dennis came to pick us up we didn’t know he was coming to pick us up from
Stephens house,so we went to our game in cornwall park we went there before but didn't have a game.When we went to cornwall park we started to go back home.  

Then we went to the shops to get some lollies and ice cream.
Later  when we went home we had mince with mixed vegs on toast it was nice because it had mashed potatoes with green brockley inside it. Meanwhile me and Riza had dessert it was ice cream and chocolate sauce with it, yet we went to bed after that. In the next morning we went outside to play basketball
outside it was fun,but we didn't use a basketball hoop we used our imagination,and mister whippy came and we payed use some ice cream then after we went to mcdonalds
to have some big makes and sundays with chocolate sauce then we played hacky sack with our ball then we went to training for 5 hours then we went home at 6:00 then we
went into our pajamas and went to bed.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Photo scavenger hunt

     In room 7 we where doing a photography challenge we where separated in
5 even groups it was fun we where  using the i pads then Mrs Parker gave us a
scavenger hunt to blog our experience on how we did it and when we did it .

We started on the 24 of April, 2015 we used the rule of thirds.