Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Writing reflection

This year I did my learning with Mrs Parker in a netbook classroom using Google Drive.

Having a netbook made it easier to learn and when you have mistakes like word mistakes you can correct it easily.

This year I learned how to do persuasive writing, by writing an argument and presenting it as a class debate. It was like we were in a courtroom.

I did research on Netherlands, ANZAC soldiers, science, maths, different war communications and more.

The thing I enjoyed learning about the most was…Maths and Coding Games. because maths helped me to add and minus. And coding was fun to play.

I still want to learn more about what really happened in the war. because we only learnt a little bit of the War.

The class trip  I enjoyed most this year was going to the Auckland Live trip, it was fun and exciting because we were going to take some packs home.

I am proud of the way I  have been participating in trips and sport.

Next year I am going to do be better then i have been this year and try to achieve more.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Virtual Trips

              Virtual World Trip

In the Virtual world trip we went around the world and up above the world. We went to africa , the great wall of china , the moon, Mars, Milky way, Volcano and hiroshima memorial.

If you don’t know what is it you can search it up. If you think we exactly went on for real life “  WELL ”  you're wrong .  We used these goggles with a smartphone inside, Not real goggles CARDBOARD goggles. People from google created a app called google HQ. HQ stands for headquarters. We are the 28 school from around NZ that got this opportunity  and experience to look on one of these digital devices. This was so fun most of us were complaining, and some were excited when we went down to room 3 to test those devices. When we were finished and that the complainers got payback from Mrs parker.

It wasn’t bad payback it was like good payback Mrs parker just said was fun to the complainers. Oh i forgot to tell you that the person from google.  

Whittakers Chocolate Story.

Today the 3 of December 2015 we had a Whittaker's chocolate hokey pokey bar. This writing is about chocolate and today Mrs Parker used this chocolate for her chocolate tart. First we looked at it and then we opened it. We started to eat it and then we started to smell and feel it. It smelt like chocolate . After a while we started eating it. It was so yummy man it made my mouth so sweet.  Then we went and  wrote a story about it. It felt like a sensation feeling and i wanted some more of the chocolate.  If i could create a kind of chocolate i would make a dark chocolate and white chocolate Flavored, but big and better.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Tamaki College Sports

On Tuesday Tamaki College came to Glenbrae School to teach us sports.
We got separated in groups. Next we went onto the field divided our student and coachers.

First we got set up and then we started to start the game. The game was called moon ball it was sort of like rugby but you had to bold over people with the huge ball it was so fun but some of us got hurt.

At the end of the game we got lollipops and then we played army game it was sort of like bull rush but they got to say army and then you're in with them. Oh i forgot to say there names the boys from Tamaki College boys name was Sio and Ben they were cool.

After when we finished the game we got told to come back down to the court. We went down to the court we went to class and we started to get our lunch.

It felt cool to play those games we got 2 lollipops after then.