Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Today for fitness we went to the field to practise cross-country. It was windy and we had to go outside. Mrs Parker said "Well kids we have to go and practise cross-country."  I liked running while it was windy because it cooled me down when I felt hot. Some of the students had stitches and we still had to keep running. The field was too long and only some of the students got to make it around the field. I was one of them. We were running with room 10. It was fun and it kept us fit. We were tired when we came back from cross-country.


You can eat insects

I agree that we should eat insects because they
need less water to grow, they are healthy, and you can catch them easier.

People should eat insect because it takes less water to produce than cows and beefs.

2 billion people eat bugs and that it has full fibre, iron, protein and zinc.
It is eatable and it is not disgusting. It is healthy and it is easy to catch and harvest.

Bugs are easy to catch and you can find them in different place’s.

Here is some bugs that you can eat.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Guess where I am.

Guess where I am ?

I will give you a clue. I am 1 centimetre tall near the middle. I am wearing red and i am staring at the middle deep hole.

Do you know where i am now ?
If you did, make a comment and tell me where i am.

By Tamati.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Monday, 7 September 2015

Brush our teeth

It is important to brush our teeth everyday because you will get tooth decade. To brush your teeth properly you need to brush little circles around your tongues. And also you need to brush your inside and your top inside.

 In this photo you can see me, Danny, Fasi and the other boys from room 7 brushing there teeth.

It was fun because we got to learn all other teeth's as well.


Maths reflection.

I reflected that today room 7 was learning about transformation.
In transformation there are 3 steps .

  1. There is rotation
  2. There is translation
  3. And at last there is symmetry

I made a shape by using different View points.

I learnt today how to build my own shape in this shape there was 2 down in the left, 3 down in the middle,
2 down in the right and in the bottom there are 1 down in the left, 2 down in the middle and 1 down in the right.

Friday, 4 September 2015


Glenbrae is the best in the world!. We are respectful, we are digital learners and we have the best students.

We are respectful because we respect others by playing and helping them, we respect learning by going on tasks and staying off bad sites and we respect property by putting them back where they supposed to be, And last we look after environment by putting rubbish in the bin.  

The next reason why we are digital learners is because we are cyber smart, we comment good things on each others blogs and we don’t go on bad sites.

And the last reason why we have the bests student in glenbrae is we have most respectful students, and they come good looking to school. Our students help each other and  students compete with other schools.

Glenbrae is the most intelligent school . In the world we have most goodest playgrounds in the world. And we are the most goodest students, teacher, board members and teacher ads. And we have the most greatest principal in the world.

Glenbrae is a safe, happy, learning community.