Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What causes season's

   What causes season's

Seasons happen throughout the year and include. Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer.

In Autumn it is sort of like Spring but the difference is that Autumn is colder and that leaves fall off trees.

In Spring warmer than Autumn leaves fall off trees and it is warm.

In winter it is cold and it is freezing. You would need a Blankic and a sweet cup of warm hot chocolate.

And last we have summer “ My favourite Season ” It is warm and that it is the warmest Season it is bright is is warm.

The Reason we have season is because the earth has a tilt on its axes. That is how season is created.




On Thursday the 12 of November 2015.
When the first bell rang for school time we all quickly ran straight to class and Mrs Parker called our name and gave our name tags to us.

Mrs Parker said we have to take them off because we had dance fever.
We arrived to the hall and we saw heaps of class there only room 10,9,7 and 8 there wasn’t any junior class there because they were going on Friday. We finished dance fever and we went in classes and go in rows. Room 7 was the last class to leave.   

We all went up to the bus and we said good morning to the bus driver.
The bus driver was so happy and he was excited to take us.
We were excited to go to star dome and see all the planets and rockets that used to fly up to space.

We just arrived to star dome and we saw a park and a long flying fox.
We had to stuff a bag full of food, only 3 people each bag.
In my bag it was Me, Maselino and Sean’s lunches in my bag.
I crabed my lunch out first the i crabed out Mase, then i crabbed out out Sean’s lunch out.

We were all finished and only Room 7 and 8 only went in first.
This lady came out i don’t remember her name.
We first went inside we went and she told us to put our bags in this cage and we went in the classroom we only stayed there for 20 minutes and went out of the classroom and saw these planets and rockets we only stayed out there for 10 minutes and went to the space room.

The lady (our teacher from star dome) put us on these chairs it was comfortable and it was nice to lye down on those chairs. We watched a movie about why do we have seasons. When we the movie was finished the seniors where going in it was fun and we go to have a long play outside. When the seniors came out we went on the bus to go back to school.

It was fun and i learnt a lot of things there.