Friday, 31 July 2015

Reading task, Week 2

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Reading task, Week 2

Journey to the stars .

What happen in the beginning of the story ? What happen in the beginning was that this guy went to the boat, he said something about the stars that he said that he has to go somewhere and retrieve what was his master's.

What happen in the middle of the story ? It was difficult for him he said that there was a lot difficult thorns in the way and rocks that was separated and that was in the way of the boat.
He couldn't of crashed and sunk in the deep blue sea.

What happen in the end of the story ?  What happen in the end was that he go a sword he just remembered that he got given that sword from his grandfather he was able to chop down thye thorns that was in his way.  

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Reading task, Week 1.

Walt : Do your work and tell what happened in the story.

My reading task

My reading task is about aliens taking over this house.
It was a poem but it turned into a story.

What happen in the beginning ? In the beginning the aliens first arrived they were talking dirty washing they didn't like the smell of the washing, all people underwear and shirts that were all
dirty they couldn't stand that smell coming from there it must of be awful.

What happened in the middle ?  What happen in the middle was that aliens destroyed all the washing and they got all difficult for them more smell came in and only the humans could get
it all done.

What happened in the end ? In the end it was all sorted out as all of the difficult stuff got handled and the aliens left the world in peace as the world was in  peace and harmless it was saved again.

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Holiday Poem


Holidays are red and nice to have a break off school.
And the holidays are fun so you can play with your friends.
Holidays are cool because you can chill out and relax.
The holidays feel like a cold and freezing time.
The holidays smells like minty in a cold day.

My Emotion Poem.


Happy is blue.
It is blue because it is the colour of the sky.
Happy is like a feeling of a free thing that you can do anything.
Happy is like a taste of hot noodles in a already cooked cup .
Happy is cool and can happen any time in your

life .

Friday, 17 July 2015

The second week of my school hoilday .

This my school Holiday slide show.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My hoildays.

In the holidays i stayed home and went to the library and stared to blog on my site so i can get 3 prizes to get.And after i play games. Then I went  into te oro and go home.Today I went to the library and went to the internet cafe and went to the park in  Mac Donald's.Then I went on top of the storage.   


Friday, 3 July 2015

A special time with our family.

                    A special time with family.

On april the 3 we had a huge day ahead of us we had a reunion to go and it was so  big that all the family went too. The reason why we went to the reunion because we get to see our ancestors in a long time . It was the time to go to some other place like rainbows end. So i ask my family if we could go to rainbows end they said it was a good idea so we went to rainbows end. But first my aunt wanted me and the rest of the boys to have a haircut because she said we look ugly so we did.We were so bored that my cousin wanted to go to rainbows end.My nan was fasratghed
that my cousin was moaning so she buyed him a ice cream to cheer him up.When we all finished our haircut we went to rainbows end,but first we went to mcdonalds to get something to eat .

We started to get more bored then we went to rainbows end we got given $500 voucher warehouse card it was only for the children to go and have more fun after rainbows end
we all went on the fearful and the rollercoaster and after we went to  the new ride called
the stratisphere it goes around and a round in circles it made us dizzy and sick we went to
the warehouse we buyed a lot of toys and clothes and guns to make us happy then we had a huge party and a big cake at the end then we went to to the movies to watch fast and the furious 7
and we had popcorn and drink and we went to the time zone,it had a lot of games and
it was like a rakade but much bigger and our nan said” Now that is what you call a family reunion”.

And that was the end i felt really happy i wanted to start that day all over again because that
was the best time of my life.  

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Tamati's reading task

WALT: Use information from multiple texts to compare and contrast.
SC: Create a venn diagram comparing human and ostrich skeletons.

A Flying Ostrich by Lloyd Elser SJ P3 N1 2005

Answer with full sentences
eg. Who is your teacher in Room 7?
Correct: Mrs Parker is my teacher in Room 7
Wrong: Mrs Parker

How is the skeleton of the ostrich bird similar to that of a human skeleton? It is not similar to the human skeleton because they got longer necks and longer leg like a flamingo and they got weird rib cages  and it looks sore. And they are heavy too.

Make a visual display to show the steps from gathering the dead ostrich to having the completed skeleton display. Use images where you can.

This is how they make a skeleton out of a ostrich.
First they wait for several months and all they see is a pile of bones. then they use a toothbrush to clean it and then they give it to the museum company.     

Inquiry Road show.

Today Glen brae School had our inquiry road show.
This is when all the classes share what they learned during the term. We share our learning by creating presentations posters,diagrams and hands-on activities. I enjoyed the slim that Room 10.

I learnt about how to make slim.
The best presentation was the Michael Jackson song one that Room 8 done. And up to There is my presentation that i shared about the war.

Sciences Week .

   Science week

On monday the young budding scientists from Glenbrae School were learning about science. Room seven was with Mrs Raj to learn about condensation, evaporation, 3 state of matter and the 3 forms of water. Then we typed it down on our netbooks then we made a reflection on what we did in science. On our milk it had condensation on it and so did the cup of coffee that Mrs Raj poured in the cup. Then we blog our reflection on what we done what Mrs Raj wrote up on the board. Then we blogged our writing from what we learnt about science.

On the next day we were with Mrs Parker. Room 7 was making bread. Mrs Parker first put the flour and the water inside a mixing bowl and stirred it  altogether. Then she put the brown sugar and the water together and it had a stinky smell because it was on the sun and it was almost done. Mrs Parker mixed the dough and she took it out from the bowl and kneaded it and put it on a warm place and in the oven then we went outside to see Mrs Parker do her experiment. Her experiment was putting baking soda and vinegar together and see what will happen . First she put the baking soda in a balloon
and poured the vinegar into the bottle.Then she put the balloon on the bottle to see what will happen. What happen was that the baking soda made the vinegar rise and formed the balloon rise which was carbon dioxide . Then we saw heaps of bubbles rise from the bottle. Then it was lunch time we went back to class and crapped our lunch and went off. Then Mrs Parker pulled out the first bread it turned out good. Then the second bread came out it was
huge and it was plaited up. And at the end we got to eat the bread. Mrs Parker forgot to tell us we might get a sore stomach from the bread that was not left to rise. This was because, it hadn’t been left to make carbon dioxide, so instead, it made it in our stomachs.

On wednesday we were in Mrs Tofa’s class. We made scones and there were L&P, vinegar, water and sprite. Mrs Tofa told us to use a quick experiment.
The question was “ will the apple get roten if we use these chemicals” . Rata,Nikau and Kowhai went for vinegar and Kauri went for water and nether of ours got rotten. Then Mrs Tofa said” it is time to choose your
chemical to make your scones”. Me and quater of the class chose L&P
and Whitney, Setita and Amelia worked on vinegar. And the rest of the boys
made it with sprite.Then in the rest of the day Mrs Tofa told us some
riddles and we played a game of bang. For the rest of the minutes we waited
and waited until the scones come. Then we all ate our scones with our milk and then the bell rang. Then we went back to Room 7.

Science week was awesome because it was about fun stuff then we got to eat it we went to  different class and learnt how to make scones and bread it was
really fun and we got to put our hands inside our work and write about it also. I like this week and i want it to start again.