Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hi my name is tamati and my story is about melanoma. And melanoma is very dangerous  and only appears in the sun.

Melanoma can come off only professional doctors can.And melanoma is a bad,dangerous

disease that can be dangerous  and can kill people and that will kill  a village.

And there are heaps of was that people can get melanoma like what bob Marley died with
melanoma because he was smoking too much
and in the sun too much and playing in the sun

and outside with no hat on and not being sun smart .

Butterfly Creek

 On Monday the 16 of  March 2015 glenbrae school  went on a trip to butterfly creek . When we arrived we went across the cafe then we went into the papillon room to have morning tea we ate our morning tea

then Sunita and Paul came in to tell us where to go and

Paul came and showed us a big dinosaur tooth and
then a dinosaur poo .

After we went  to the dinosaur kingdom and we saw
robotic dinosaurs . We saw dinosaur bins and
dinosaur skeletons and then we went through the exit
and went on a train around the dinosaur kingdom and the farm when we went back we saw room 2 waiting for the train then we went pass the clock all the way
to the farm.

When we arrived to the farm we went to  see the bird's
and the rabbit we went to the goat area to see the goats after when we saw the goats we went to see the rest of the animals .

We went  around the corner to see the others and then we
saw the other animal like the pigs and the lamb and the rabbit
and rooster and hens .

After we exit the farm and went to the papillon room and had lunch .
paul l came in the papillion room and said  after your lunch you guys come in
the crocodile room and watch the crocodile show the glenbrae school said yes.

When we went home we went to the crocodile show we saw the crocodile
paul and  this other man was in the crocodile room with some bamboo’s
the other man had a bamboo stick with a string on it with a hook on it so the meat
can hold on.

We sat down and watched the crocodile jump up and get the meat then after a few
minutes then we went on the second bus then we went all the way home .